Irish Bottle Green Reversible Knit Hat

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■ Reversible Knit Hat

■ Convenient- one size fits all

■ Easy care and Machine Washable


The sporty Irish Bottle Green Reversible Knit Hat offers you two looks this winter with its reversible sides! Whether sporting the green side with a white band and text or white side with green band and text, this beanie will show the world your Irish pride. One size makes for convenient and easy shopping. The 100% acrylic material means you can machine wash our knit hat without fading out the rich colors.

Our nifty little knit gives you a two for one look that keeps you looking stylish no matter which way you choose to wear it. The perfectly balanced colors complement one another and will always look effortlessly flattering as you go about your daily tasks.

The overall design of our reversible knit Ireland beanie is minimalistic but what design elements it does have says a lot. Each side of our knit beanie is a different color with the bulk of our hat being solid in color. One side of our Ireland knit hat is a green color that can rival the Emerald Isles. It is a soothing shade of green that looks good with just about anything. On the bottom half of the green side of our reversible knit hat is the word ‘Ireland’.

The word is written in all capital letters and knit directly into the hat itself in white yarn. A white stripe is also knit into the fabric of our knit hat above and below the word ‘Ireland’ breaking up the solid color of the hat. The two colors contrast so sharply with one another that the white of the word ‘Ireland’ and the two stripes that wrap around our knit cap stands brightly against the grassy green tone.

When you flip our reversible knit hat inside out the design is mirrored in the opposite colors. Instead of a solid green cap, you now see a crisp white knit cap with green lettering and stripes. Just like the white design elements on the green side of our reversible Ireland hat the white lettering pops, clearly showing the word ‘Ireland’. Both sides are equally well made, and they both make a great hat option during the colder months so you can stay cozy and stylish.