Irish Brass Trinity Knot Door Knocker Satin Nickel Silver

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■ Are Irish brass trinity knot door knocker measures at approximately 5" X 5.5".
■ Highly durable nickel silver coats our highly durable brass Trinity door knocker giving a silver shine and protecting from corrosion.
■ The square mounting plate of our brass trinity knot door knocker features classic Celtic knotwork beautiful etched into the metal.
■ And Irish Trinity knot stands out against any color door with the metalwork flowing seamlessly showing no end in the beginning.
■ Put the finishing touches onto your home by upgrading the first thing that people see when they come to your home.
■ The center bottom hole should be drilled exactly 5” down from top hole

Give your front door a touch of Ireland with our Irish brass door knocker. Our door knocker features the Irish trinity knot, a beloved and well known Irish symbol. The trinity knot is attached to a square mounting plate that features classic Celtic knotwork. A Celtic knotwork strike plate and finishing bolts also come included with our trinity knot door knocker.

Looking at our trinity knot door knocker you can see the clean lines of the knotwork. Just as they are meant to the trinity knock seamlessly flows so that you can’t tell where one end begins and another ends. Our brass Trinity knot door knocker is coated in a satin nickel silver finish.

Brass is a highly durable, highly malleable metal that stands up to corrosion and all types of weather conditions. It would take quite a bit of force and pressure to break brass. Nickel has an even higher resistance to corrosion and even brass. So you can be sure your new door knocker will remain in good shape for years to come.

Although nickel contains no actual silver it gets its name nickel silver from the beautiful coloration and the shine it has that resembles silver. Pair our nickel silver coated door knockers with a dark colored door to really highlight that beautiful silver shine. You can be sure that they will stand out all the way from the street. Because of how durable and hard nickel is it’s most commonly used in materials for woodwind keys and even ornamentation on Highland bagpipes pipes.

Nickel silver is highly popular in musical instruments because of the beautiful clear sound that can be achieved from the metal. So when people are using it to knock on your door you’ll hear a pleasant ring every time it strikes the plate.