Lion Rampant Scottish Shot Glass

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■ This Scottish shot glass holder is crafted from pewter, a durable, rust resistant, high quality metal that assures that this piece will last.

■ The holder features a Rampant Lion, an iconic symbol in Scottish heraldry, representing strength and courage.

■ The Scottish Flag is also showcased in the design, adding to its Scottish identity and pride.

■ Measuring 1.57 inches in width and 2.36 inches, the shot glass holder has a compact size, making it suitable for holding standard-sized shot glasses.


Our Lion Scottish Shot Glass Holder encapsulates the essence of Scottish heritage and pride. This shot glass is meticulously crafted from durable pewter. Renowned for its timeless elegance and charm, pewter adds an air of sophistication to any item it adorns. Pewter's most remarkable attributes are its resistance to rust and corrosion and its lustrous, silvery appearance. The centerpiece of the design is the Rampant Lion, a potent emblem of strength, resilience and courage deeply connected to Scottish culture. Its fierce presence speaks to the indomitable spirit of Scotland's history. Adding to the authenticity, the holder proudly displays the Scottish Flag, invoking a sense of unity and national pride. Whether on display or in use, this shot glass is a tribute to Scottish traditions. Measuring 1.57 inches by 2.36 inches, this shot glass holder is compact, yet eye-catching.