Celtic Knotwork Stoneware Mug

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■ Made from Stoneware, a sturdy and chip-resistant type of ceramic

■ Features a beautiful and intricate Celtic Knotwork design

■ This practical mug features a large capacity of 16.9 fl oz

■ We recommend hand washing only to avoid cracking and paint chipping


The best way to start your morning is by enjoying a nice cup of your favorite brew to get energized for the day. Make that experience even more enjoyable with our amazing mug! The mug is made from stoneware, which is one of the most durable types of ceramic.

This lovely mug features a rounded design, a sturdy handle, an intricate Celtic Knotwork detail, as well as an elegant and smooth finish. The Celtic Knot is a beautiful symbol with many different variations and different meanings. The origins of the Celtic Knot can be traced back to the art of the ancient Celts, and this symbol is associated with Celtic art and heritage to this day.

If you are a person of Celtic heritage, this mug is a simple way to keep in touch with your roots on a daily basis. Besides, it would make an amazing gift for someone who appreciates style, functionality, and authenticity!