Celtic Designed Bowl Set

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■ Colorful set of 3 Irish bowls made of fine bone china, an elegant and durable material ensuring beauty, functionality and long-lasting use

■ One bowl is designed with a bright-colored Claddagh ring and Triskeles; another bowl features a sacred Celtic Cross and various Celtic Knotwork patterns; the third bowl is decorated with a playful Trellis Shamrock design

■ Measuring different diameters, 4.33” for the Claddagh Ring bowl, 5.51” for the Trellis Shamrock and Celtic Cross bowls, ideal for various meals

■ These bowls would make a special and meaningful Irish gift that can be used every day or on various occasions


Elevate your culinary experiences and celebrate the richness of Irish heritage with our Set of 3 Irish Ceramic Celtic Bowls. These colorful bowls are meticulously crafted of fine bone china, a material that is a commitment to elegance, durability, and quality. Fine bone china is known for its delicate appearance, translucency, and strength. The bowls are not only visually pleasing but also designed to withstand regular use while maintaining their beauty over time. Each bowl is decorated with a unique design featuring timeless Irish and Celtic symbols. The first Irish bowl comes in vibrant colors and various patterns, including Triskeles and a Claddagh Ring. The Claddagh ring is a well-known Irish symbol representing love, loyalty, and friendship. Its design typically features a heart held by two hands and topped with a crown showcasing relationships and deep connections. The inclusion of Triskeles signifies a connection to ancient Celtic traditions and a celebration of life's journey. The second bowl has an impressive design that includes the spiritual Celtic Cross and intricate Celtic Knotwork. A symbol of faith and pride, the Celtic Cross is a strong expression of Irish people's cultural identity and connection to their ancestral roots. The Celtic Knotwork, with its intricate patterns, symbolizes interconnectedness and eternity. The third Irish bowl has a playful and charming appearance due to its lively Trellis Shamrock. The shamrock is related to Saint Patrick, the patron of Ireland and a symbol of the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity. The set includes bowls of varying diameters - a 4.33” diameter Claddagh Ring bowl, a 5.51” Trellis Shamrock, and Celtic Cross bowls, catering to different meal types and portion sizes. This versatility makes them suitable for anything from a quick snack to a hearty meal, enhancing their practicality. This set of 3 colorful Irish bowls is a wonderful representation of art, culture, and practicality and would make a cherished gift that brings joy and meaning to daily life while celebrating the rich history and symbolism of Ireland.