Celtic Peacock Blessing Tea Towels Set of 2

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■ Set of two identical tea towels that combine functionality with design
■ 100% cotton, very absorbent and easy to take care of
■ Convenient Size: 75 cm H x 50 cm W
■ Made in Ireland, by Royal Tara - leading manufacturer of giftware & souvenirs
■ Exquisite Irish design: green background, two peacocks as symbol of immortality, Celtic knots and Irish blessing

Heritage is meant to be cherished in each and every aspect of life. Showcase how proud you are of your Irish roots with our Celtic Peacock Blessing Tea Towels Set of 2! This beautiful set includes two tea identical towels that combine functionality with design. The towels are made of 100% cotton, which is perfect for such kitchen textiles, being very absorbent and hypoallergenic, while very easy to take care of - machine washable. The cotton also holds the dye very well, guaranteeing to preserve its brand new look over time. The dimensions of each towel are 75 cm height x 50 cm width. Our set was made in Ireland, by Royal Tara, a leading manufacturer of traditional Irish giftware and souvenirs, transposed into modern needs. The most exquisite element of our set is the beautiful design, as it is built in a complex manner, meant to bring together various elements of Irish culture. The background color is pure Irish green. The two peacocks have deep symbolistic in Ireland - representing immortality for the Celts and it can be found as a constant and significant subject in Celtic art. It is believed that the peacock has the gift of foresight, due to the “eye” shapes in its tail. All the details on the margins are different forms of Celtic knots, representing the Holy Trinity. To complete the design, the blessing “Bless this house with love & laughter” is written on the bottom half.