Shamrock Mug and Breakfast Tea Set

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■ This tea set includes an Irish mug and Irish breakfast tea in a charming presentation box

■ The mug is made of New Bone China and the tea is packaged in a sturdy metallic tin

■ Features shamrocks surrounded by colorful Celtic knots and swirls for a touch of Irish charm.

■ The tin stores 50 teabags of full-bodied Irish Breakfast Tea and the mug has a capacity of 11 fl. Oz


Indulge in the essence of Ireland with this exquisite Irish tea set. This set features an Irish Shamrock Mug, crafted from New Bone China, a durable and long-lasting material that ensures your tea moments will be cherished for years to come. With a generous capacity of 11 fl. oz., the mug perfectly holds your favorite brew, allowing you to savor each sip. Accompanying the mug is the beloved Irish Breakfast Tea, meticulously packed in a durable metal tin, sealing in its rich and invigorating flavor. Each tin contains 50 teabags, delivering a full-bodied and robust tea experience, perfect for an energizing start to your day. The tin packaging, thoughtfully designed with sturdy and charming construction, can be repurposed as a storage solution or cherished as a timeless keepsake that holds sentimental value, making it a delightful and enduring Irish souvenir. Both items have an enchanting design featuring vibrant Celtic knots intertwined with lucky shamrocks, adding a dash of Celtic mystique and cultural symbolism to your tea time. The shamrock design embodies the essence of Irish culture and folklore, symbolizing luck, prosperity, and the trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in the Christian tradition.

Whether you're a tea connoisseur or simply seeking a taste of Ireland, this charming tea set promises to elevate your tea rituals and evoke the spirit of the Emerald Isle with every delightful cup.