Royal Tara Slainte Irish Tea Set with Irish Tea Bags

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■ Set of 3 products: 1 mug, 1 tea bag holder, 1 pack of 50 tea bags, packed in a beautiful box, perfect for gifting
■ Mug and tea bag holder made of 100% bone china for durability and tea bags stored in high quality, reusable metal tin
■ Convenient volume and large handle: Mug Capacity - 400ml/14fl oz
■ Exquisite design, portraying Irish culture in a charming way that incorporates elements such as Celtic Knots, an Irish Blessing, the traditional “Slainte


Tea is a traditional part of the daily habits of any Irish person. Get our Royal Tara Slainte Irish Tea Set with Irish Tea Bags to have an authentic and unforgettable tea experience. The set contains one 14fl oz mug, 1 teapot-shaped tea bag holder, and 1 pack of 50 tea bags. Made of 100% bone china, this gorgeous mug holds 400ml or 14fl oz, being large enough to enjoy your morning tea. The mug and teapot holder are durable and resistant to both mechanical and physical strength, so they won’t chip or break easily. This way, you get to enjoy your products for a long time. The metal tin in which the tea bags are stored is high quality and is sure to preserve the smell and flavor of the tea blend over the years. Besides being very practical, the set is also designed in a superb manner. The illustrations provide a piece of Irish culture, expressed in an authentic manner, through elements such as the Celtic knots. “Slainte” means “health” in Irish and it is used to express friendly feelings towards drinking partners. The typical Irish blessing is also incorporated as a way of transmitting good thoughts, on the tea bag holder. The products in the set are delivered in a cardboard box that replicates their design, perfect to be given as a gift. This Holiday season, give more than you take and surprise your loved ones with this charming gift from Ireland!