Bone China Tea Bag Holder with Scottish Thistle

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■ Made by Royal Tara, leading manufacturer of giftware and souvenirs inspired from Celtic heritage and history
■ 100% bone china - premium quality ceramic, prevents easy breaking and preservers brand new condition
■ Convenient Size: 4”/10 cm diameter
■ Vivid and authentic Scottish design: the motif of the purple thistle, national flower of Scotland

Our Bone China Tea Bag Holder with Scottish Thistle is a must have piece in your kitchen set, created to bring a spark of Scottish spirit to the table. The tea bag holder was made by Royal Tara, a premium manufacturer of modern and functional giftware, inspired from Celtic traditions and history. It is made of 100% bone china, a top quality ceramic, which is extremely smooth to touch and also very resistant to easy breakage or shock, being perfect for prolonged use and preserving the product’s brand new condition over the years. The design of this piece is authentic Scottish - its centerpiece is the Scottish thistle, the national flower. The legend of the thistle is a story of bravery and victory - according to it, during one night, when the Vikings were trying to invade a Scottish army’s camp, one of the invaders stepped on a thistle and its cry woke up the Scotts and saved them from the ambush. The background is decorated with high attention to detail and various Scottish and Celtic motifs. Cherish your Scottish roots or make a thoughtful gift to a loved one - either one you prefer, our tea bag holder is the perfect choice for it!