Tree of Life Teabag Holder

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■ Teabag holder crafted from sturdy and scratch-resistant new bone china

■ Designed with the Celtic Tree of Life, for added cultural essence

■ Measures 5.9” in width and will keep your table clean from stains

■ Makes a unique Celtic-inspired gift for lovers of tea


If you enjoy warm cups of tea while keeping your tables clean, or you wish to celebrate Celtic heritage, our Tree of Life Teabag Holder is ideal for you! It is attentively crafted from new bone china, a durable material that will resist heat and scratches, making this piece a long-lasting addition to your kitchenware collection. Its lovely teabag The culturally inspired design features the Celtic Tree of Life, with its grounded roots and branches stretching toward the sky representing the connectivity between the spiritual and physical realms. The Tree of Life is surrounded by intricate Celtic knots representing the connectivity of all things in life. Measuring 5.9” in width, this piece is perfect for holding your used teabags and preventing any stain on your tea tables. You can gift this teabag holder to your tea-lover friends or anyone wishing to connect to Celtic roots.