Welsh Brew Loose Leaf Tea

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■ Loose leaf tea blend, stored in a reusable metal container, provided by Royal Tara
■ Net weight of 40 g and a gross weight of 95 g
■ High quality tea blend, made of carefully picked tea leaves with a rich flavour
■ Stunning Welsh design: the red dragon, symbol of Wales, circled by Celtic motifs in vibrant colors

A homage to the love of Welsh people for rich and flavorful teas, our Ireland Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea is a great addition to your tea set! Our top quality loose leaf tea blend is made of carefully selected tea leaves and packed in a reusable metallic tin, which guarantees to preserve the taste and smell of the tea over years. The product has a net weight of 40 g and a gross weight of 95 g. Our tea is a real treat for your senses, with a rich flavor, sure to be remembered. The intensity of the taste can be adjusted according to your liking, by infusing it more or less time. The tea can be served with milk and sugar, according to your preferences. Besides its functionality, our product is also charming in its design. The illustrations on the metallic tin were projected to encapsulate Welsh heritage in an authentic manner. Design’s centerpiece, the Welsh dragon, is a widely known symbol of Wales, representing courage in battles. The dragon has its paw clenched and held high, as it would be ready for battle. It is circled by other Celtic motifs, in vibrant colors, representing Trinity knots. Our product combines tradition with style, which is why it is the perfect recipe for a gift from Wales.