Celtic Blue Fairy Pool Stained Glass Lamp 12 inches

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■ Our Blue Celtic Fairy Pool Stained Glass Lamp — 12" comes in a color that represents the sea and the sky. As such, it has a calming effect to whoever looks at it.
■ The numerous shades of blue used in our lamp give a more vibrant glow to your home. Light it up and the whole nook turns magical.
■ Our lamp is made from high-grade stained glass which makes it more classy looking. Thus, it surely helps in upgrading the overall look of any home.
■ The shade is truly eye-catching. But, it must be noted, too, that lamp’s body is as captivating as well.
■ When purchased at Keily’s, customers are assured of beautiful packaging. And not only that. They can also expect that it is still in mint condition one it reached because it is well-packaged.


The Blue Celtic Fairy Pool Stained Glass Lamp stands at 12", with a shade diameter of 12" and is a perfect addition to enhance the beauty of your home. It features several reasons why you should get it and make it part of well-loved home fixtures. This product from Keily’s is made of stained glass that gives vibrancy to any space. Thus, if you are looking for something that will improve your home’s ambiance, you can always get a lamp like this.

A lamp does not only help you in giving an ample amount of light in every corner of your abode. Accentuating your home with a lamp is also an easy way to give an artistic touch to the space where it will be placed. This lamp has a maximum brightness of 60 watts and stands at 12 inches. With such an attribute, this décor is capable of providing the much-needed brightness in your chosen nooks at home.

In the meantime, purchasing it will not just beautify your home. It will likewise give you the opportunity to relive the amazing story of the Celtic fairy. This is one of the most famous characters in the Irish folklore.

The fairy’s interesting story came from the seanchai or the Irish storytellers. They are from the ethnolinguistic group called Celts who said that their country’s legends talk of different supernatural creatures. Among them are the fairies.

As history continues to unfold, a mixture of folklores between the Celts and Christians happened. The Tales of the Tuatha de Danann, or Tribe of Danu, is among its results. According to this legend, the flying creatures are from the Fairy Realm. This can be found in the Hollow Hill, a place where the tribe was forced to leave.

This exciting story can live on if you choose to share with others through your 12-inch Blue Celtic Fairy Pool Stained Glass Lamp. You can even volunteer to recount the legend whenever someone is awed by your lamp’s beauty.