Small Sitting Sheep Soft Toy

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■ Adorable children’s toy made from 100% soft and lightweight polyester plush

■ Shaped like a sheep, a beloved animal in Ireland’s knitting tradition

■ Measuring approximately 7 inches, this toy is perfect for toddlers to play or sleep with

■ This toy is great for helping your young one to connect to Irish roots


Whether you are looking for a new plush friend for your little one, or simply wish to make a gift with Irish significance, our Sheep Toy is the ideal choice. It is attentively crafted from 100% soft polyester plush, a lightweight material that ensures this toy will be a loved addition to your children’s collection. This plush is shaped like a sheep, an adorable animal that has great significance for Ireland. Irish knitting is a well-known practice and sheep with their wooly coats are important to this tradition. Measuring approximately 7 inches, this adorable toy is easy to hold and can be a great play or sleep buddy for your toddler. You can even let your young one have fun with this toy while on a road trip. Besides being a soft friend to your children, this toy has great cultural significance and beautifully celebrates Ireland’s knitting heritage. If you wish to help your kid connect to his Irish roots, this toy is the ideal choice!