Daisy Soft Sheep Toy White 6.5"

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■ Crafted from plush, this Irish sheep toy offers a soft and cuddly texture

■ With its charming design, this toy showcases an adorable sheep character, perfect for playtime or decoration

■ Embellished with a shamrock, this toy symbolizes love, faith, hope, and Irish heritage, adding an extra touch of charm

■ Standing at 6.5 inches tall, this toy is the perfect size for hugging and carrying around wherever you go


Our delightful Daisy Soft Sheep Toy White 6.5" is a cuddly companion that embodies the warmth and charm of Ireland. Crafted from plush, this toy offers a soft and inviting texture, perfect for comforting hugs and imaginative play. Its adorable design features a smiling sheep character, complete with fluffy white ears and endearing facial details, sure to capture the hearts of children and adults alike. Adding an extra touch of Irish flair, the sheep proudly wears a shamrock, a timeless symbol of love, faith, hope, and heritage, enhancing its appeal and cultural significance. Standing at a height of 6.5 inches, this toy strikes the ideal balance between being big for cuddling and compact enough for easy carrying. Its irresistible charm, coupled with its plush comfort and meaningful symbolism, makes it a standout addition to any collection or a thoughtful gift that embodies the spirit of Ireland.