Tiffany Style Celtic Round Window

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■ Two outer circles of burnt orange stained glass frame the interior design of our round stained glass window panel.
■ The pattern of a large Celtic knot pops out in Tiffany blue, contrasting nicely against the burnt orange stained glass.
■ The lines of the Celtic knots weave seamlessly between one another creating the illusion that there is no beginning and no end.
■ Our stained glass window panel has an antique feel to it due to the darker colors that make up our panel.
■ Our window panel measures in at 18” in diameter, the perfect size to fit nicely in your window for everyone to see.

Add a modern-day antique like piece of art to your home with our Tiffany style Celtic round stained glass window panel. Measuring in at 18 inches in diameter our round glass window panel will sit proudly in any window of your home. 16 pieces of curved rectangular stained glass in a shade of burnt orange make up the outer rim of our round window panel. While the second inner rim is made up of eight larger pieces of rectangular stained glass in the same shade of burnt orange. Connected to this inner circle of glass begins the blue Tiffany style Celtic knot that dominates the majority of our round window panel.

There are four very distinct sections of the large Celtic knot displayed on our glass. The Celtic knots, although all connected, show a mirroring pattern creating four sections in the overall circle of the glass panel. As you run your eyes along the Celtic knots you’ll see the craftsmanship that went into creating the woven pattern. Each line of the Celtic knots appears to weave seamlessly over and under one another with no beginning or end to be found. You’ll get lost just running your eyes over and over the interweaving pattern.

Filling in the gaps left by the Celtic knots is more of that burnt orange stained glass. The blue, almost green color, of the Celtic knots, contrasts nicely against the darker shade of orange it rests against. And the metal used to fuse all of the pieces of stained glass together create bold clean lines. The metal work along with the colors of our stained glass window panel gives our piece a more rugged and antique feel. You’ll have people believing it is a family heirloom, passed down through the generations when they see it hanging in your home.