Stained Glass Lion Rampant Panel

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■ Made by Royal Tara, 100% high quality stained glass, with a metallic chain for hanging
■ Shaped as a window from the gothic architecture of churches, which features the rampant lion, a symbol of courage, power, and royalty in Scotland
■ Perfect piece of interior design for all of those of Scottish origins who desire to proudly showcase their roots


Bring a piece of Scotland into your home and showcase your roots with our Stained Glass Lion Rampant Panel! The product is made of high-quality stained glass, which is hand-painted. It is 20 cm in height (approximately 7.8 inches). An additional metallic chain is provided for hanging. The design is meant to encapsulate Scottish heritage in an authentic manner, representing a window panel that features a red, rampant lion. Since the 13th century, the Scottish lion has represented the Kind of the Scots, being a symbol of courage, power, and royalty. With its claws clenched and staying straight and tall, the lion is ready for battle. The shape of the window is a widely recognized detail of gothic architecture. It is a window specifically to the architecture of churches in Scotland, making reference to the importance of the Christian faith in Scottish architecture. The design itself represents an homage paid to the middle ages in Scotland. Attention to detail is crucial, especially in interior design. Make your house the ideal space for your daily activities, in which you can express your true self.