Welsh Daffodil Gothic Panel Suncatcher

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■ This beautiful panel is made of durable and resistant stained glass, a hand-painted material that has a timeless appearance.

■ The plaque features the beautiful Welsh Daffodil as the national flower of Wales, crowned by a timeless Triquetra motif.

■ This dazzling suncatcher is sure to bring you closer to your heritage, reminding you of your centuries-long traditions.

■ Our panel measures 7.87” in height and 3.74” in width, being the perfect addition to your room and a great culturally inspired gift.


Bring some charm to your home with this beautiful Gothic panel. It is handmade of high-quality stained glass, a durable and resistant material that is timeless in appearance. The plaque is guaranteed to beautify your rooms or windows for years to come. It features a Welsh Daffodil design with three lovely flowers surrounded by a clear blue sky. The daffodil translates as “St. Peter’s leek”, being the national flower of Wales that is traditionally worn on St David's Day. This gorgeous flower is crowned by a green Trinity Knot that alludes to the interconnectivity between all living things. This suncatcher is the perfect addition to any room, sure to capture rays of light and cast a dazzling array of colors across your room. It is also a culturally inspired accessory that will remind you of your traditions and century-long heritage and culture. This plaque measures 7.87” in height and 3.74” in width, being a great culturally inspired gift to offer to anyone who wants to feel closer to their traditions.