Celtic Pattern Knit Throw

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■ Woven from a Merino wool blend that ensures heat-insulation and a soft feel
■ Designed with Aran cable and moss stitches, symbols of good luck and natural beauty
■ Ideally sized at 60" x 40", great for draping over a couch or snuggling with dear ones
■ Authentically knitted in Ireland, it makes a great addition to your home decor

If you’re looking for a touch of Irish coziness for your home, we’ve got the piece for you! Our SAOL Celtic Pattern Knit Throw is woven from a Merino wool blend, offering excellent heat insulation and a soft feel against the skin. Merino wool is renowned for its fine fibers, which provide exceptional warmth, making this throw perfect for year-round cuddling. Designed with authentic Aran cable and moss stitches, each carrying deep symbolic meanings in Irish knitting traditions. The cable represents a wish for safety and good luck, while the moss stitch symbolizes growth and abundance, taking inspiration from the natural beauty of the Emerald Isle. Ideally sized at 60" x 40", this throw is perfect for draping decorating your sofa or bed, as well as snuggling with loved ones. Authentically knitted in Ireland, it brings a touch of Irish heritage and craftsmanship to your home decor. This elegant throw enhances your living space with its timeless design and also offers a comforting embrace that reflects the beauty of natural materials and traditional artistry. And for an even better experience you can pair it with wool Irish slippers.