Irish Fisherman Wool Throw Blanket Natural

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■ Aran diamond, cable, and basket stitches, all carefully linked by hand in Ireland
■ Finely knit of 100% organic Merino wool, offering a soft and warm touch 
■ Anti-shrink technology applied on Merino wool – making it machine washable
■ Beautiful Aran knit bed throw measuring 66” in length and 40” in width 


In the late 19th century, the fisherman of Ireland's Aran Islands began to knit and wear thick, cabled sweaters to keep them warm and dry while working out at sea. Today, those sweaters have become iconic and are coveted by fashionistas worldwide. Bring a touch of that authentic Irishness to your home with our Irish Fisherman Wool Throw!
This beautiful blanket is knit of natural white 100% Merino wool, a type of wool that is incredibly warm without any itchiness. Diamond and cable stitches alternate along the length of the throw. These patterns are the same that were used by the original Aran knitters. Not only did the stitches add weight and warmth to the sweaters, but each pattern brought its own meaning; the diamond stitch represents wealth, while the cables represents the ropes and nets of the fishermen's trade.
Crafted by Saol, a top Irish knits company, this beautiful throw makes a perfect housewarming gift for anyone who appreciates Celtic design and heritage!