SuperSoft Merino Wool Knit Patchwork Throw

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■ Patchwork design combining Aran cable, honeycomb, diamond, and moss stitches
■ 100% SuperSoft Merino Wool – a luxurious yarn that’s breathable & moisture-wicking
■ Aran knit throw treated with anti-shrink technology, making it easy to clean & care for
■ Sized 64” L by 42” W – perfect as a unique Irish accent to the bedroom or even as a blanket


This gorgeous throw makes a great gift for yourself or a friend who loves Ireland and warmth. The intricate knit patterns—the cable stitch, honeycomb, diamonds, and trellises—are a tribute to traditional Irish sweaters from the Aran Islands. Made from 100% Merino wool and available in the classic natural white, the throw is super soft to the touch and exceptionally warm. The knit patterns were originally created to increase the insulation of knitted sweaters worn by working fishermen, and today offer a beautiful texture that makes a wonderful addition to any room. Measures 42" x 64"

Made in Ireland by Saol Knitwear. Hand wash only is recommended. Lay flat to dry.