Brass Irish Tin Whistle Set of 2 Key "D" and "C"

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■ Set of 2 traditional Irish whistles in the keys C and D, crafted of durable, corrosion and tarnish-resistant brass, ensuring to make long-lasting additions

■ Designed for beginners and lovers of Irish music alike, these whistles are sure to help you celebrate the traditions of Irish and Celtic music - This set comes with a comprehensive step-by-step Tutor Book, CD, musical notations, and fingering charts so you can become acquainted with playing the Irish whistle

■ Each whistle has been crafted to perfection in Ireland, making an authentic Irish present for those who wish to celebrate craftsmanship and the wonders of music


If you are a lover of Irish music and culture or simply wish to pick up a new hobby, look no further than our Set of 2 Whistle Brass Key "D" and "C". Our set comes with 2 whistles in the keys C and D, crafted with great attention to detail from durable and corrosion-resistant brass. These whistles are designed with 6 finger holes that will exude enchanting melodies, making them beloved instruments in both traditional and contemporary Irish music. Our set is ideal for anyone who wishes to learn how to play the Irish whistle or for those who are already experienced! The set includes a step-by-step Tutor Book, a CD, various musical notations, fingering sheets, and international sheets with multiple songs. The music of the Irish whistle has the power to capture the essence of the Irish countryside, the stories of its people, and the lively spirit of its culture. With this set, you will have a piece of Ireland with you each time you sing traditional Irish songs. Our authentic Irish whistles make the perfect presents for lovers of music and all things Irish!