Irish Shamrock Bronze Wall Plaque

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■ Our shamrock wall plaque is made of solid metal and plated in a bronze finish that is polished to highlight finer details.

■ Three trinity knots are cast into the three leaves of our shamrock hanging wall plaque adding texture to our plaque.

■ Smaller bronze shamrock with thin stems emerges from the bottom corners of the trinity knots.

■ A hole is placed at the top of our bronze shamrock wall plaque so you can easily hang our shamrock wall plaque.

■ Our shamrock wall plaque measures at 6” x 6” and is the perfect size for any wall in your home.


Whether you’re moving into a new home or adding decor to your current home our shamrock wall plaque is just what your home is calling for. Our shamrock wall plaque is cast and plated in bronze metal makes it a sturdy and durable piece of art. Bronze is a metal that is known for its strength and longevity and was so popular to use in olden days that an entire period was named the bronze age.

Our bronze shamrock wall plaque is no basic shamrock. It has an intricate design woven into the stem and clovers of our shamrock. A trinity knot is nestled into each of the three clovers displayed on our shamrock. Within the two bottom corners of the trinity knots, smaller shamrocks are etched in the metal of our wall plaque. A bronze circle at the center of the shamrock ties the three petals and the stems together.

The dark interior edges of each element of our shamrock wall plaque make the shamrocks and trinity knots within the larger shamrock stand out even more. Our shamrock wall plaque measures at a sizable 6” x 6” and fits nicely on your wall. Celtic Shadows Bronze Gallery cast our bronze shamrock wall plaque and polished it to perfection to display beautifully on your wall. A small hole at the top of our shamrock plaque allows you to nail our plaque to any wall in your home.

Our wall plaque is great to add to any decor you already have hanging in your home. It's bronze finish makes it great for homes that have a vintage comfy feel and for homes that are more modern as well. It pairs well with wooden wall art and with other metal pieces. Mix and match our bronze shamrock wall art with some of our other Irish art pieces.