Slainte Bronzed Irish Wall Plaque

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■ Our bronze sláinte wall plaque is made from solid cast iron, plated in bronze, and polished.

■ The Irish word sláinte means good health and is often said in Ireland, its a positive message to have in your home.

■ A beautifully etched shamrock is a lovely finishing touch, resting high above the word sláinte.

■ Our wall plaque measures 8” x 4” and fits on any wall in your home blending well with your decor.

■ Crafted by Wild Goose Studios in County Cork Ireland and their team of talented artists who create from conception to finish.


Our bronze sláinte wall plaque makes a solid addition to any home and brings wishes of “good health” you and your loved ones. This piece is made from solid cast iron and is then coated in pure bronze with the word sláinte etched into the medal in Gaelic font. The “L” in the word sláinte curves at the top into a lucky Irish shamrock that rests above the “I” in the word sláinte. The shamrock is etched deeply into the metal of the bronze and is clearly defined in the design. Our bronze sláinte plaque measures at 8” x 4” and fits well on any wall.

Our bronze sláinte wall plaque is handcrafted at Wild Goose Studios in County Cork Ireland. Wild Goose Studios is a company that has been around since 1970 and was founded by artists Brian Scott-McCarthy and Kathleen Smyth. They built a company around the cultural heritage that surrounds them and the modern world that they lived in. With a team of other artists, they created unique art pieces that people fell in love with.

They start their process of crafting pieces like our sláinte wall plaque with an idea and then tying that idea to an image. They take the image that they created and then sculpt that image into a 3D piece which is then turned into a mold. That mold is then turned into a solid physical piece with the use of metals and casts. To finish it off they polish their pieces to show the finished product of all of their hard work.

They create pieces from the things they are inspired by, like their rich Celtic heritage. Their artists pour their hearts and their talents into their bronze cast pieces and it shows in every piece that they make. In our sláinte wall plaque, you can see the detail and the craftsmanship that went into their minimal design that speaks for itself.