Irish Trinity Celtic Knot Cross Wall Hanging Brass

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■ Crafted from 100% high-quality brass, a durable and rust-resistant material

■ Features a Celtic Cross design and timeless Celtic knotwork

■ Measures 2.7” wide, 5.3” long, and 0.3” high, great as a wall decoration

■ An authentic Irish gift that adds elegance to any space


Whether given as a housewarming gift for your loved ones or simply hung as a wall decoration in your home, our exclusively Celtic Cross Wall Hanging Brass Irish Trinity Celtic Knot Cross is the perfect choice. This piece is made from 100% high-quality brass, ensuring resistance and durability over long periods of time. The wall hang is polished with brass, giving it a vintage look. The design features an authentic Celtic Cross, which represents continuity, faith, and a guide to our spiritual journey. The Celtic knotwork in the center symbolizes the interconnectedness of everything in nature. Since these knots have no beginning or end, they also symbolize eternity. Crafted with great attention to detail, this gorgeous cross-shaped wall-hang measures 2.7” wide, 5.3” long, and 0.3” high, an ideal size to hang on any wall, adding a touch of elegance and authenticity to any space. Whether decorating your own house or offering it as a unique gift, celebrate Irish heritage with our Celtic-inspiring wall hang set.