Provinces of Ireland Bronze Wall Plaque

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■ The plaque is bronze-plated, which beautifully enhances the carved detailing

■ The design features the map of Ireland divided into its four counties

■ Each county on this gorgeous plaque displays the crest that represents it

■ This unique wall plaque measures 6.1” in width and 4.7” in height


Elevate any space in your house and honor your heritage with our unique Irish wall plaque. The plaque is bronze-plated, which is a metal with exceptional corrosion resistance and durability. Besides, the elegant bronze shine enhances the carved details of the plaque. This plaque is shaped like the map of Ireland and it’s divided into Ireland’s four counties. Each county proudly displays a meticulously designed crest. The county of Ulster features the Coat of arms of Ulster, which displays the Red Hand of Ulster. The county of Munster features the Coat of arms of Munster that consists of three gold crowns. The Coat of arms of Leinster represents the county of Leinster and it depicts the gold Irish harp. Last but not least, the county of Connacht features the Coat of arms of Connacht crest that showcases an eagle and armed hand that are divided in half vertically. The design makes this plaque the perfect decor accessory to display in your Irish home!