Symbols of Ireland Charm Bangle

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■ Made with rhodium, this bracelet will be part of your accessory collection for many years

■ Authentically produced and designed in Ireland by the artisans of Solvar

■ The bracelet is elegantly adorned with charms with Irish-Celtic designs

■ Each charm has unique motifs: Shamrock, Ireland lettering, Triquetra, Claddagh

■ This bangle bracelet measures approximately 2.75 inches in width


It is often said that the right accessory adds sparkle to any special occasion - our Symbols of Ireland Charm Bangle is here to make sure you shine! Masterfully crafted out of rhodium, this bracelet will last many years due to its high resistance and durability. For the best results, store it in a dry, enclosed space, away from humidity and sun. What makes this bracelet special is that it showcases the most important Irish icons in just one piece: the Shamrock, Ireland lettering with interlaced Celtic knotwork, the Triquetra, and the Claddagh. Each motif has its own unique meaning behind it: the shamrock is a symbol of Irish luck and is associated with the legend of St. Patrick; the interlaced Celtic knotwork accompanied by the Ireland lettering showcases your Irish pride; the Triquetra is a symbol of never-ending faith and love, correlated with the Christian Holy Trinity; last but not least, the Claddagh tells the story of an Irish sailor that created the first Claddagh for his lost love as a symbol of his unwavering devotion. This bracelet is not only a simple accessory, it is a message of love and faith.