Alba Thistle Spirit Earrings

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■ These earrings are carefully made from .925 Sterling Silver, a highly-durable and resistant material that guarantees lasting shine.

■ The earrings are crafted in the shape of a beautiful Thistle, a Scottish symbol that represents resilience, steadiness, and strength.

■ This jewelry features a chic and versatile drop earring design, being a great accessory for both daily use and special occasions.

■ Each piece has a height of 1 inch, making this pair of earrings a perfect choice to highlight your style.


Embrace your femininity with this pair of authentic Scottish earrings. Finely crafted with high-quality Sterling Silver, these earrings will not rust or tarnish, being sure to pass the test of time and complete your special jewelry collection for years to come. Besides being highly resistant, these pieces are lustrous and shiny, providing an eye-catching look. Additionally, the cultural design adds Scottish elegance to the overall look of the earrings. The earrings are crafted in the shape of a Scottish Thistle that symbolizes resilience, steadiness, and strength. One legend has it that a sleeping party of Scots warriors was saved from ambush by an invading Norse army when one soldier stepped on this spiky plant. The jewelry has a chic and versatile drop earring design and can be worn during both formal and casual events. Additionally, the earrings measure 1 inch in height, being the perfect accessory to show off your beauty and style.