Celtic Single Spiral Silver Earrings

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■ These drop earrings are crafted from durable and elegant .925 sterling silver

■ Featuring a Celtic spiral design that adds character and charm to the earrings

■ These lovely earrings measure 0.6" in diameter and go well with any look

■ The earrings would make a fantastic gift for any lady with Celtic heritage


Add some Celtic charm to your everyday style with our Celtic Single Spiral Silver Earrings. The earrings are crafted with attention and care from sterling silver, a precious metal with excellent resistance to tarnishing and corrosion. Besides, the exquisite shine of sterling silver will add timeless sophistication to any look. The earrings feature a Celtic spiral design, which is a symbol of many different meanings. It is said to represent continuity and the neverending flow of energy. It also represents spiritual growth and the journey of self-discovery through life. Others believe it represents a harmonious relationship between the physical and spiritual realms. Regardless of the specific meaning, the Celtic Spiral is a powerful symbol with a rich history. This makes these accessories perfect for anyone who appreciates Celtic symbolism, especially those with Celtic ancestry, because these earrings symbolically celebrate and commemorate your heritage!