Celtic Knot Silver Earrings

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■ Drop earrings, made of premium quality Sterling Silver

■ Crafted in Dublin, Ireland, by Solvar Jewelers, a family-owned business

■ The earrings are shaped like Trinity Knots, timeless Celtic symbols

■ Dimensions: 22mm/0.86” x 13mm/0.51”


Complete your jewelry collection with these stunning Celtic Knot Silver Earrings! Such a simple, yet impactful design is a must-have for any lady. Our earrings are a great purchase for yourself or as a gift for a dear one. They combine style, comfort, and celebration of the Irish and Celtic heritage. They are designed with the Trinity Knot, a Celtic symbol that has three interlocked loops. It is often used to represent the Holy Trinity in Christianity, but it also has other meanings such as the three elements of nature (earth, air, and water) and the three promises of a relationship (to love, honor, and protect). Anyone with Celtic roots will simply adore these pieces! The drop-like body of the earrings is very comfortable, being lightweight and not creating pressure on the ear. They are ideal for daily wear. If taken proper care of, they will last for a lifetime. When needed, simply clean the earrings using warm water and soap. Please avoid any harsh substances and prolonged exposure to sunlight and moisture. These made-in-Ireland earrings will surely turn all the heads.