Bashful Fairy 925 Sterling SilverPendant

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■  This gorgeous pendant is made with high-quality Sterling Silver, a durable and resistant material that guarantees lasting shine and long-term beauty.

■  The necklace has an Irish-inspired design and is crafted in the shape of an exquisite fairy, a symbol regarded as a guardian-like figure in folklore and tales.

■  The fine details and cultural symbolism of this pendant make this jewelry a beautiful gift to offer to someone who wants to connect with their heritage.

■  This splendid pendant measures 1.25” in width and 1.95” in height, and comes with an 18” chain, being packed in a lovely gift box. 


Shine gracefully with this beautiful pendant. Meticulously crafted from Fine Sterling Silver, this pendant is highly-durable, resistant, and sure to preserve its shine and splendor for ages, completing your collection of jewelry for years to come.


The necklace has an Irish-inspired design and is gracefully shaped in the form of an exquisite fairy covering herself in a bashful and delicate gesture. According to Irish tales and folklore, fairies are known to be guardian-like figures, being regarded as nature spirits with supernatural powers that are able to harbor good luck and fortune. This accessory is sure to make you stand out from the crowd and feel as if you were part of a real fairytale.


This pendant measures 1.25 inches in width and 1.95 inches in height. Additionally, it comes with a sterling silver chain that measures 18 inches. The set is packed in a lovely gift box, which means that it can be offered as an authentic gift for someone who wants to highlight their individuality during both casual and formal events.