Celtic Knotwork Claddagh Silver Pendant with Emerald Glass

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■  Gorgeous pendant made from sterling silver, a durable and rust-resistant material

■  Features the Claddagh symbol, Celtic knotwork, and an Emerald glass stone

■  Measures 1.10 inches in height with an 18” sterling silver chain

■  The necklace is unique Irish gift idea for someone loved and comes in a presentation box


Whether you are a lover of Irish culture, wish to elevate your jewelry collection, or want to make an elegant and authentic gift, look no further than our gorgeous Claddagh pendant. It is manufactured from sterling silver, a durable and rust-resistant material that makes this pendant suitable to be given as a family heirloom.


This outstanding piece of jewelry features an Irish design, the Claddagh symbol with the hands signifying friendship, the heart expressing love, all topped with a crown that stands for loyalty. For a pop of color, the sparkling Emerald glass stone enhances the design of this piece. The pendant measures 1.10 inches in height and comes on an 18” sterling silver chain, ideal for various outfits or styles, for special occasions, or for daily use.


Celebrate Irish heritage with this elegant Claddagh pendant. It comes in a beautiful presentation box and it would make an exquisite gift to someone loved.