Connemara Marble And Marcasite Stones Sterling Silver Trinity Knot Pendant

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■ Irish pendant crafted of 100% sterling silver, with Marcasite stones and genuine Connemara marble
■ Featuring an authentic Celtic Trinity Knot design, a symbol of the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity
■ Versatile pendant measuring 0.62" on an 18" chain, adding a touch of Irish charm to your attire
■ A culturally inspired gift made in Ireland, in a presentation box, for a loved one in your life


Steeped in Irish magic and timeless elegance, our Connemara Marble And Marcasite Stones Sterling Silver Trinity Knot Pendant is a gift that transcends generations. This exquisite necklace, crafted from enduring sterling silver that gleams with a timeless luster, will enhance your attire - it is luxuriously dazzling and has high resistance against rust. Shimmering marcasite stones, like tiny captured stars, dance along the pendant, adding a touch of captivating brilliance and a hint of delicate femininity. The true heart of this pendant lies in the unique piece of rare Connemara marble. This vibrant green gem, found only in the Emerald Isle, reflects the natural beauty and exclusivity of Ireland. It's a one-of-a-kind treasure, a whisper of the rugged Irish landscape captured in a precious stone. The pendant features the Triquetra, also known as the Trinity Knot, representing the Holy Trinity and the spiritual journey in Irish Christianity. Measuring 0.62” and suspended on an elegant 18-inch chain, this exquisite accessory is perfect for everyday wear. Presented in a beautiful box, the pendant is ready to be gifted, a subtle reminder of the magic and wonder the Emerald Isle holds.