10K Gold Diamond and Silver Trinity Knot Necklace

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■  Crafted from a combination of sterling silver and 10-karat gold

■  Features a delicate and authentic Celtic Trinity Knot design

■  Adorned with a splendid diamond gemstone for an exquisite touch

■  Pendant measures 0.63’’ x 0.63’’ and comes with an 18"" Sterling Silver chain

■  Store away from sunlight and humidity for the best long-term results


Unlock the timeless beauty of the Irish heritage with this exquisite pendant. It is expertly crafted from sterling silver and 10K gold which gives it a dazzling shine and durability. The combination of silver and gold creates a contrast that immediately catches the eye.


The pendant features a Celtic Trinity Knot design, which is a symbol with many different meanings. In pagan times, it symbolized pagan Triple deities. Since the advent of Christianity in Ireland, however, it became a symbol of the Holy Trinity. It can also stand for love, honor, and protection, which is the holy trinity of a happy relationship and which makes it an excellent gift for the person you love.


The pendant also features a diamond gemstone that is beautifully placed in the center and it adds a luxurious touch to make this piece truly stand out.