Sterling Silver Scottish Thistle Pendant in 18k Gold and Gemstones

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■  Crafted from sterling silver with an 18k gold accent, showcasing exceptional quality

■  A design resembling the Scottish Thistle, symbolizing resilience, protection, and pride

■  Adorned with four emerald glass gemstones, adding a touch of captivating beauty

■  Measuring 1.3” in length, it is a delicate accessory that combines elegance and charm


Our stunning Sterling Silver Scottish Thistle Pendant in 18k Gold and Gemstones is a truly captivating accessory. Perfectly complementing any elegant outfit, this pendant embodies the essence of timeless beauty and Scottish heritage. Crafted with utmost care and attention to detail, this pendant provides the exquisite combination of sterling silver and an alluring 18k gold accent. These materials ensure exceptional quality and durability, making it a timeless piece to be treasured for generations to come.


The design resembles the Scottish Thistle, a symbol of resiliency, strength, protection, and pride. The pendant is embellished with four shimmering emerald glass gemstones, which enhance its captivating beauty. Measuring a delicate 1.3 inches in length, this pendant will grace any neckline with elegance and sophistication. Its compact dimensions make it a versatile accessory, suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions. The pendant comes along with an 18 inches silver chain to be attached to.


Whether worn as a statement piece or layered with other jewelry, it effortlessly adds a touch of refinement to any ensemble. A must-have for those who appreciate fine craftsmanship and meaningful symbolism, this Silver and Gold Scottish Thistle Pendant is a fashion statement and also a great gift.