Celtic Knot Sterling Silver Chain

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■  Our Celtic Knot Sterling Silver Chain is made in Ireland by Solvar, a family-run company since 1941.
■  Sparkling sterling silver highlights the timeless elegance of the Trinity Knot, an important Irish motif since pagan times.

■  On a chain of 18 inches, this lovely understated pendant is a perfect piece to layer or wear on its own.

■  Based in Dublin, Ireland, Solvar creates high-quality and elegant jewels utilizing traditional Irish styles and imagery.


Our Celtic Knot Sterling Silver Chain from Solvar is a beautiful gift for anyone with a love of Ireland. The everlasting elegance of the Trinity Knot is showcased in an understated design that highlights its eternally connected loops and three distinct corners.


In ancient Ireland, the number three was sacred, and the Trinity Knot represented the many threefold aspects of ancient life: birth, death, and rebirth; earth, water, and sky; youth, adulthood, and old age; and many more. After Christianity took hold in Ireland, the symbol also came to stand for the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit of the Trinity. The interlaced, three-cornered design was often seen in many early Christian texts, most famously in Ireland's stunning Book of Kells.


This lovely Trinity Knot pendant pays homage to that long and rich history, presenting the ancient design in stunningly modern simplicity. It pairs wonderfully with any of our Trinity Knot earrings for a coordinated set, and on its own makes a quiet statement. An 18" chain makes it easy to layer with your other favorite necklaces for a wholly personal look!