Claddagh 925 Sterling Silver Pendant

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■  Skillfully crafted from 925 Sterling Silver for increased durability and resistance, ensuring lasting shine and value.

■  This gorgeous pendant is culturally inspired and features the traditional Claddagh design symbolizing love, friendship, and loyalty.

■  Our charming necklace is the perfect accessory to be offered as a gift for someone who loves Ireland and wants to be reminded of their heritage.

■ The pendant is 0.83” wid e and 1.14” high, and comes with a chain that measures 18”, being packed in a lovely gift box. 


Make a love statement with this gorgeous pendant that makes a beautiful gift. Skillfully made of .925 Sterling Silver, this pendant is highly-durable and resistant, guaranteeing lasting shine and value. It is a culturally-inspired piece that has a traditional Irish Claddagh design.


The two hands allude to the idea of friendship, the heart is a symbol of love, and the gorgeously crafted crown suggests loyalty. Legend has it that it was designed by an Irish mariner for a lost love in the Claddagh region of County Galway after he was sold into slavery. The pendant measures 0.83 inches in width, and 1.14 inches in height, and comes with a sterling silver chain that is 18 inches.


Additionally, the set is stored in a beautiful gift box, ready to be offered to someone who wants to be reminded of their centuries-old traditions and heritage. It can be worn during both casual and formal events, sure to highlight your style and individuality every time you wear it, everywhere you go.