Pillows for Pointes Super Gellows® Toe Pillows Shoe Pads

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■ Thin gel layer sandwiched between two socks for superior comfort and wearability
■ Cool Max fabric on each side wicks away moisture, keeping your feet dry and fresh
■ Specially formulated non-silicone polymer absorbs shock and impact, reducing strain on your feet
■ Available in two sizes (Small/Medium and Medium/Large) for a perfect fit
■ Reversible design offers versatility for different preferences and needs
■ Ideal for extended wear, perfect for dancers, athletes, or anyone seeking extra comfort
■ Comes in a descriptive box packaging, making it a perfect gift or personal indulgence


Introducing SUPER GELLOWS®, the ultimate solution for unparalleled comfort and support during extended wear. Crafted with a revolutionary design featuring a thin layer of gel nestled between two socks, these innovative foot companions are engineered to diminish impact and enhance endurance. With the exclusive Loc-Top™ stitch and seamless construction, Super Gellows promise a snug fit without the annoyance of roll-downs, ensuring a hassle-free experience every time.

Experience the difference with Super Gellows® – your feet will thank you!