Pillows For Pointe Crushed Rock Rosin — 11oz

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■ Crushed Rock Pale Yellow Rosin by Pillows For Pointe.

■ Net wt. 11oz. Safe, cleaner, and more economical to use.

■ Pale yellow color.

■ For use on external platforms of pointe shoes & Irish dance soft shoes to reduce friction.


Looking for the perfect grip to nail those traditional dance moves? Our Pillows For Pointe Crushed Rock Rosin is a dancer's essential! What’s crushed rock rosin? It’s a dancer’s secret weapon for reducing friction and enhancing grip. Just crush the rocks to get powdered rosin and apply it to the external platforms of your pointe shoes or Irish dance soft shoes. This pale yellow pine rosin isn’t just for dancers – it’s great for playing baseball, golf, or making DIY projects – anything where a tacky grip is helpful!

And guess what? It comes in a handy & compact plastic container with a safety screw-on top, making it super convenient to carry around. With a generous 11 ounces, this rosin will last you through countless rehearsals and performances. It’s not only a dancer’s dream but also a thoughtful gift for the dancer in your life.