Irish Frames

    They say that a picture says 1,000 words but so can the beautiful Irish frame it’s housed in. Our collection of Irish frames will make a beautiful collection to your home and will look good either hung up on your wall or sitting on your tabletop. We have a great selection of styles that our Irish frames come in, no matter your taste you will find one you love. Our styles include wooden frames, glass frames, and metal frames. All of our Irish frames add an extra touch to the photos that they frame and will elevate the overall look of your pictures.
    All of our Irish frames wooden Irish frames pay homage to Ireland. Intricate wood carvings create textures and patterns in the frame that catch the eye and instantly reminds you of Ireland. Captivating Celtic knots and shamrocks emerge from the wood to give our frames that classic Irish touch. The color of our stained wood Irish picture frames adds warmth and a vintage feel to our frames. Intricate line work shows that craftsmanship that went into hand carving each frame. You will love the look of your photo once you place it into our hand-carved wooden Irish picture frame.
    You will also love the look of our glass Irish frames in your home. They especially make lovely wedding gifts for a newly married couple to frame their precious moments. Completely designed and made in Ireland our glass picture frames come in both clear glass and mirrored glass. Our clear glass frames come in different design styles and are made out of thick sheets of sturdy glass. Some of them have beveled designs that catch the light beautifully if you place them by a window that gets a ton of light. You’ll have your own rainbow light show when the sunlight hits it just right.
    Our mirrored glass Irish frames add a classy element to our Irish glass picture frames. Place a lovely vase of flowers or fun decorative Irish pieces next to our mirrored Irish frame to see them reflected back and create fun images on your frame. Some of our mirrored frames even come etched with Irish symbols like shamrocks and Celtic knots. We also have a selection of metal frames that are decorated with Celtic knots and other Irish symbols.
    So no matter what kind of frame you are looking for you will find a frame you love in our collection of frames. If you are going to put in the time to frame and display your favorite memories you should invest in picture frames that will best highlight your loved one and the moments you shared. You don’t have to stick to plain, boring picture frames that have no personality or style. With our Ireland made picture frames you can let your own personality shine and add some decorative flair to your home.
    Depending on the aesthetics of your home you can find a picture from that compliments you and your home. If you love more of a cozy, warm, vintage feel in your home then our hand carved Irish frames are the perfect addition to your home. They’ll fit right in and make a home on your shelf or bedside table. Should your style lie more towards bright and modern then our glass picture frames are a great option for you. They have a modern feel to them that will pair great with metal fixtures and will look lovely next to any window in your home. An Irish frame make a thoughtful and wonderful gift for your loved ones or even for yourself.
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