Bronze Trinity Knot Wall Plaque

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■ Made in Ireland, in an authentic manner, representing the Trinity Knot as a symbol of the Holy Trinity

■ Manufactured by Royal Tara, leading provider of traditional Irish giftware

■ Crafted using high quality Metal and finished with bronze plating

■ Perfect Size: height - 15cm/5.9”; width - 15cm/5.9


Our Bronze Trinity Knot Wall Plaque is a lovely wall decoration, perfect for any household with Celtic origins. This piece is made in Ireland, out of high quality metal and plagued with bronze, which enhances the carved detailing and creates an antique look. Being very versatile, it will find its place in any room of the house, being easy to adapt to both modern and classic interior design. Its sizes are: height of 15cm or 5.9 inches and width of 15cm or 5.9 inches. Royal Tara is a premium manufacturer of Celtic giftware, which creates pieces that combine both modernity and tradition. Our plaque encapsulates the essence of Celtic heritage in an authentic manner. The Trinity Knot is a well known symbol inherited from the Celts, representing the Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The three interlacing strands can also represent the Celtic culture being so close to nature and the three natural forces: earth, fire and water. On a spiritual level, the Trinity is life, death and rebirth. Our plaque comes packed in a box, being perfect for gifting. It is an ideal present for a large variety of occasions, which will be cherished and remembered forever.