Celtic Twist 3D Baseball Cap

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■ The black front and the green back of our baseball cap play well off of one another for a bold look.
■ Our baseball cap is made from 6 panels and is compatible with most head shapes making it easily wearable.
■ Breathable cotton material and two ventilation holes on either side of our baseball cap keep you comfy in the summer.
■ An adjustable strap allows you to tighten and widen our hat to suit your personal needs.
■ A trinity knot embroidered in white fabric above it is front and center on our cap.

This Celtic Twist 3D Baseball Cap is sure to be a fast favorite! Bold black adds a bit of contrast to a deep, Irish green, and a richly embroidered Celtic knot pattern decorates the front of this handsome cap. Adjustable back.

Our trinity knot baseball cap is team Ireland all the way. Made for the Traditional Craft collection and crafted directly in Ireland our trinity knot hat is undeniably Irish. Three colors were used to make our trinity knot baseball cap stand out from the crowd, green, black, and white.

The front of our trinity knot hat is made from two triangular panels of black cotton fabric, while the sides and back of our baseball cap are made from 4 panels of green fabric, totaling 6 panels. Each panel is outlined by a green thread that creates a border around each panel.

The two side panels have single embroidered holes that release trapped heat, so during the summertime, you’ll stay nice and cool. The front bill of our baseball cap is made from the same black cotton material as the front panels of our and a black button is sewn down to the top of our Irish baseball cap.

The most prominent feature of our Traditional Craft trinity knot baseball cap is the large trinity knot crest that is embroidered on the front of our cap.The crest itself has a gold embroidered outline and within that is a white embroidered outline. The black and green colors enhance one another and the embroidered crest shines in the center of our hat.