Green/Gold Celtic Nation Baseball Cap

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■ From the Traditional Craft Lansdown Collection, created to honor the Lansdowne Road Stadium, comes our Green/Gold Celtic Nation Baseball Cap.
■ 100% cotton gives a lightweight flexible material that will mold to your head comfortably as though you’ve always worn it.
■ Our baseball cap features the word Ireland embroidered with gold thread that is outlined by white embroidery and an adjustable strap.
■ A white embroidered shamrock encircled by gold embroidery can be found below the word Ireland and on the side of our cap.
■ Our baseball cap is a shade of shamrock green paying homage to the rolling hills of the Emerald Isle.

Nothing shouts Ireland like our Green/Gold Celtic Nation Baseball Cap. You will definitely stand out in a crowd when wearing our baseball cap. With a traditional curved bill, our baseball cap is great at blocking out the harsh rays of the sun and protecting your eyes. Our baseball cap itself is a lovely shade of shamrock green with the word Ireland embroidered in gold. A white embroidered outline around the word Ireland gives a raised textured element to our cap. Above the word, Ireland is the words Celtic Nation embroidered in white with a gold embroidered line underneath. Below the word Ireland is a white embroidered shamrock, and on the side of our cap a copy of that white embroidered shamrock can be found. There’s definitely no mistaking which country our baseball cap proudly represents.

The 100% cotton our cap is made from makes our cap highly flexible to it will mold to any head shape. It also gives our cap a light-weight feel so when you wear our hat you’ll notice how weightless it feels. The cotton also helps our cap to be highly breathable so you won’t have to worry about heat being trapped and causing you to overheat. Small embroidered holes can be found at the top of the cap allowing more ventilation. And an adjustable strap allows you to fit our hat to the perfect size.

Our baseball cap is made in Ireland by the Irish company Traditional Craft. it is a part of their Lansdowne collection, created to honor the Lansdowne Road stadium that was demolished in 2007. The Lansdowne Road stadium was a beloved rugby and football stadium owned by the United Irish rugby team. The stadium is torn down to make way for new stadium Aviva.

Their Lansdowne collection definitely pays tribute to the greatness of Lansdowne Road stadium with their quality products. They use only the most high-quality fibers to create all of their collections, so when you wear one of their items you can be assured you’re getting the best. Let everyone see your Irish pride with our Lansdowne Green/Gold Celtic Nation Baseball Cap.