Aran Cable Knit Cardigan With Zipper

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■ Ladies’ Aran cable zipper cardigan made from 100% Merino wool, an organic, sustainable, and heat-insulating material, ideal for year-round wear
■ Features authentic Aran stitches such as cable and diamond, patterns knitted into the sweaters of Irish fishermen as symbols of good luck and success
■ Designed with an accentuated ribbed waistline that creates a beautiful silhouette, a cozy raised collar, and a full zipper closure embellished with a Celtic Trinity knot
■ Our unique Aran cardigan is an ode to Ireland’s centuries-old knitting traditions and would make an exquisite gift for yourself or your loved ones


Celebrate the artistry of Irish knitting traditions and always look stylish with our Aran Cable Knit Cardigan With Zipper. This knitted piece is crafted with patterns and techniques that have been passed down through many generations of Irish weavers. Made from 100% ethically sourced Merino wool, our cardigan offers great comfort and heat-insulation, guaranteeing you will stay cozy during cold seasons and cool during hotter ones.

Our cardigan is not only an eco-friendly choice of fashion, but also a celebration of the Irish way of life. The traditional Aran stitches displayed across the cardigan tell stories of unity and bravery of the Irish people. The iconic cable stitches, used since the 19th century, allude to the fishermen's ropes and symbolize good luck and abundance. The diamond pattern reminds us of the farms and homes scattered throughout the Aran Islands and symbolizes success.

The 2-way zipper closure of our cardigan is also enriched with cultural essence by the Trinity knot charm. This three-looped Celtic knot is a symbol of the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity, adding a sense of faith and connection to the divine to this cardigan. The raised collar adds extra warmth and allows you to style and lawyer the cardigan according to personal preference, whether paired with an elegant dress, a matching Aran beanie, or casual jeans and a T-shirt. The ribbed waistline creates a stunning feminine silhouette that adds sophistication to any outfit.

Authentically crafted in Ireland, our ladies’ Aran cable zipper cardigan is a wonderful addition to anyone’s wardrobe and would make a perfect culturally-inspired gift for yourself or your loved ones!