Ladies Side Button Cable Knit Sweater

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■ Irish sweater crafted from 100% Merino wool, a sustainable, natural material with great heat-insulating properties

■ Designed with traditional Aran stitches such as cable and honeycomb that represent good luck and hard work, patterns that were firstly used by the wives of Irish fishermen

■ Features a comfortable ribbed crew neckline and a three- button shoulder embellishment that adds class and elegance

■ This traditional Aran sweater is crafted with attention to detail by SAOL makes an ideal present for those wishing to celebrate the knitting traditions of Ireland


If you are looking to elevate your wardrobe with a culturally-inspired piece that is ideal for around the year wear, our SAOL Ladies Side Button Cable Knit Sweater is just what you need! Our sweater is crafted of 100% Merino wool, a natural material that is also sustainable as it has great heat-insulating properties, ensuring to drive moisture away from the body in hot weather and keep you warm during the colder months. What makes this sweater truly special is its culturally-significant design.

Knitted with traditional Aran honeycomb and cable stitches, this sweater is an ode to the knitting traditions of Ireland. The honeycomb stitch alludes to the prolific bee industry of Ireland, representing their hard work and the sweet rewards. The cable stitch is a representation of the Irish fishermen’s ropes and symbolizes good luck and an abundant catch. These authentic Aran patterns have been interwoven into the sweaters of fishermen as omens of good fortune since the 19th century, and have remained an important part of Irish heritage. The sweater features a comfortable crew neckline that ensures various styling options while the three-button shoulder embellishment adds elegance and sophistication.

This authentic Aran sweater is the ideal way to showcase your appreciation for Irish craftsmanship or make a gift to a loved one.