100% Merino Crossover Aran Wrap

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■ This Crossover Aran Wrap is crafted from 100% Merino wool, a sustainable material that offers warmth, breathability, and softness, ensuring ultimate comfort during all seasons.
■ This Irish wrap features intricate cable patterns that symbolize a heartfelt wish for safety and good luck for their husbands as they venture out on the sea.
■ The wrap is thoughtfully designed with a button closure on the side, allowing you to adjust the fit and style according to your preference.
■ This piece makes a great Irish gift that is versatile and perfect for layering over various outfits.


Elevate both your style and understanding of Irish tradition with the Crossover Aran Wrap. This wrap is a masterpiece meticulously fashioned from 100% Merino wool, cocooning you in unmatched warmth while maintaining breathability and a caress-like softness. Merino wool has sustainable properties due to its biodegradability, renewable source, and natural insulating qualities, making it an environmentally responsible choice. A must-have companion for all seasons, it seamlessly fuses comfort with elegance.

The cable stitches not only showcase the artistry of traditional Irish craftsmanship but also carry profound symbolism. The cable motifs, with their twisting and intertwining patterns, mirror the enduring strength of the fishermen. These stitches were symbolic of the interconnectedness of family and community, offering protection and luck to those who wore them against the unpredictable forces of the sea. Adding to its allure, the wrap features a graceful button closure on the side, offering both functionality and flair. This touch enhances its versatility, allowing you to adapt the fit and style as desired.