Women's Turtleneck Irish Wool Poncho

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■ Lovely poncho, made in Ireland, by SAOL, a leading manufacturer of Irish knitwear
■ Made from 100% fine Merino Wool, which makes it ideal for fall and winter
■ The design is inspired by the traditional Aran sweater, being adorned with Aran stitches
■ Care instructions: only hand wash in cold water, using a gentle detergent or wool-specific products


Upgrade your style with this charming Women's Turtleneck Irish Wool Poncho! Just ideal for the cold season, our poncho was made with meticulous care and high attention to detail, right in the heart of Ireland, by SAOL, a leading manufacturer of Irish knitwear. It is made from 100% fine Merino Wool, which has heat-preserving and moisture-wicking properties. This piece can be worn all day long, without worries of discomfort, as it is perfectly breathable and soft on the skin. Merino Wool lacks the usual itchiness of regular wool, having a much more pleasant texture. The design is an ode to the traditional Aran sweater, adapted to modern fashion trends. Our poncho is knitted with an exquisite combination of Aran stitches: cable, moss, and zigzag. Each stitch pattern has its own unique symbolism behind it. For example, the cable stitch resembles the Irish fishermen’s ropes, being a sign of strength and stamina. The moss is a symbol of nature, mirroring the moss and sea wood specific to the Aran Islands. The zigzag is meant to represent the ups and downs of life and love. Finally, what’s truly great about this piece is its versatility. A poncho can be combined with truly anything! Whether worn on its own or layered with other pieces, for extra warmth, it will create a beautiful, yet cozy look.