Supersoft Aran Wool Lumber Jacket Cardigan

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■ Supersoft Aran Wool Lumber Jacket Cardigan crafted of 100% durable, moisture-resistant, and heat-insulating Merino Wool ensuring comfort and warmth

■ Design showcasing a unique combination of Aran-style stitching, including basket and cable patterns creating texture

■ Tailored with a heavy ribbed rounded collar, 2 practical pockets, and large brown football buttons for a visually appealing look

■ An authentic and versatile gift choice for those who value quality, Irish heritage, and versatility, manufactured by Aran Woollen Mills in Ireland


Our Supersoft Aran Wool Lumber Jacket Cardigan is a versatile and stylish choice that allows you to showcase both your fashion sense and appreciation for traditional Irish craftsmanship while staying warm and comfortable.The cardigan is crafted from 100% durable and heat-insulating supersoft Merino Wool ensuring this knitwear piece will keep you warm in cold weather and cool in hotter seasons. Merino Wool is a natural and sustainable material making this cardigan an eco-friendly choice for your style options. The harmonious blend of Aran stitching patterns adds a unique and traditional touch to the design creating a textured and visually appealing pattern on the jacket. The cable stitches are inspired by the ropes and cables used by Irish fishermen and represent safety, strength, and a link to the sea. The basket stitch represents the baskets fishermen would use to store fish on their boats, hoping for abundant fish and success at sea. The cardigan is tailored with a heavy ribbed rounded collar that adds warmth and comfort and provides a distinctive and stylish element to the neckline. The inclusion of two pockets is a practical feature that adds functionality to the cardigan. You can keep your hands warm or carry small items.The large brown football buttons serve as functional closures and also play a significant role in the overall aesthetic of this piece. Made in Ireland, our cardigan from Aran Woollen Mills offers style, warmth, versatility, and a connection to the rich tradition of Irish knitwear, and would make a versatile choice for those who value both fashion and heritage.