Merino Wool Irish Shawl Collar Men's Cardigan

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■ Charming men’s Aran Cardigan, made in Ireland, by SAOL
■ Meticulously crafted from 100% soft Merino Wool, for the ultimate comfort
■ Chic design, with cable, honeycomb, rope, and moss stitching patterns and wooden buttons
■ Care instructions: only hand wash this piece in cold water; dry flat


Stand out with our Merino Wool Irish Shawl Collar Men's Cardigan! This piece is an Aran sweater, an authentically Irish fashion staple, dating back to the 19th century. It is entirely designed and produced in Ireland, by SAOL, a leading manufacturer of Irish knitwear, well-known for its authentic designs. Our sweater was knitted from 100% fine Merino Wool, an upgraded type of wool that doesn’t itch and has a soft and pleasant texture in contact with the skin. Merino Wool also has heat-preserving and moisture-wicking properties, being ideal for the cold season - it will keep you warm and dry. The material allows breathability as well, so this piece can be worn for hours and hours without worries of discomfort. Besides its functionality, this sweater is also very stylish and its design is what truly makes it a special addition to any wardrobe. The sweater comes with an intricate combination of Aran stitches. The cable and rope stitches in our design represent the nets and ropes used by Irish fishermen and suggest strength and stamina. The honeycomb pattern is an ode to the bee industry that once existed on the Aran islands, and it represents the idea of sweet rewards for hard work. The moss stitch is inspired by the bright green carrageen moss that covers the stones on the Islands. Everything is finished with the last details: the lovely wooden buttons in the front and a shawl neck. All these details together create this perfectly tailored look.