Men's Shawl Collar Aran Sweater

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■ Traditional men’s collar Aran sweater made from 100% genuine supersoft Merino wool, an incredibly soft, organic material, perfect for wearing all year long

■ Designed with authentic Aran cable, moss, and diamond stitches, alluding to the fishermen, rustic farms, and lush landscapes of Ireland, making this piece a celebration of heritage

■ Features a shawl collar adorned with a classic football button that ensures layering and styling options, whether paired with a cozy jacket or traditional Aran scarf

■ An ode to Irish knitting traditions, our Men's Shawl Collar Aran Sweater makes a unique present for your husband, brother, or son, guaranteed to elevate their style with timeless Irish charm


Begin your journey into the rich cultural heritage of Ireland with our Men's Shawl Collar Aran Sweater!

Crafted with the same patterns and techniques used by the wives of Irish fishermen from the Aran Islands, our sweater is the ideal combination between comfort and authenticity. Made from 100% supersoft organic Merino wool, this sweater is sustainable as it can be worn during cold and warm seasons due to the heat insulating properties of our wool. What truly sets this men’s traditional Irish sweater apart is its design.

The Aran stitches showcased on the sweater tell stories about Ireland’s history and embed this piece with cultural essence. The iconic cable stitch, used ever since the 19th century, represents good luck and abundance, alluding to the ropes used by the fishermen from Irish coasts. The diamond stitch alludes to the farms scattered across the Aran islands and the hard-working people living there, symbolizing prosperity and success. The detailed moss pattern is reminiscent of Ireland’s beautifully green landscapes. With a cozy shawl collar adorned with a football button, this sweater is ideal for layering with a comfy T-shirt underneath or a warm jacket over for those extra chilly days.

The sweater can be ideally styled with casual jeans for everyday endeavors or even with a matchy Merino wool scarf or Irish flat cap for a timelessly elegant look. Make this sweater a long-lasting gift for the special man in your life!