Shawl Collar Aran Women's Cardigan

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■ Traditional Aran shawl collar ladies’ cardigan made from 100% organic, heat-insulating Merino wool, an ideal material for year-round wear
■ Designed with variations of the iconic Aran cable stitch, a pattern knitted into the sweaters of Irish fishermen as symbols of good luck since the 19th century
■ Features an elegant shawl collar, a football button closure for various layering options, and front pockets that perfectly fit your everyday necessities
■ Made in Ireland with the same techniques passed down through generations of Irish knitters, our cardigan makes an exceptional present for yourself 


Whether you wish to elevate your daily attire with a touch of Irish charm, or opt for an eco-friendly knitwear piece, choose our Shawl Collar Aran Women's Cardigan! It is attentively crafted from 100% Merino wool, an organic material that offers great heat-insulating properties, ensuring to keep you cozy during cold winters and comfortable even during chilly summer evenings. Our sustainable cardigan is ideal for year-round wear and requires less washing, due to the durable fibers of this ethically-sourced wool.

The cardigan is unique, as it is crafted with the same knitting techniques that have been used for centuries. With various Aran cable stitches displayed across the cardigan, this knitted piece is an ode to Irish heritage. The iconic cable stitches are a representation of the fishermen's ropes and symbolize good luck and abundance. The cardigan features an elegant and cozy shawl collar and a football button closure that offers various layering and styling possibilities, whether paired with casual jeans, an elegant dress, or a matching Aran scarf. The functional front pockets ensure you can keep your everyday necessities close at hand.

The perfect combination between comfort, Irish heritage, and timeless style, our Aran cardigan is a must-have for any elegant lady!